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Online Pre-Formatted Live Instruction

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Algebra 2



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Duration 12 Months

Basic Algebra $100

Introduction to Bootcamp
Unit 1 Integers & Number line
Number sentences
Unit 2 Adding Polynomials
Solving Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities
Unit 3 Multiplying & factoring Polynomials
Unit 4 Solving Quadratic Equations & Inequalities
Unit 5 Rational Numbers & Expressions
Simplifying Rational Expressions
Unit 6 Operations with Rational Expressions
Unit 7 Complex Rational Expressions
Unit 8 Solving Rational Equations & Inequalities
Unit 9 Real numbers
Roots & radicals
Simplifying radicals
Unit 10 Operations with radicals
Unit 11 Rationalizing a denominator
Solving radical equations


Unit 12 Relations, Functions & Notations
Unit 13 Linear Functions
Absolute Value Functions
Unit 14 Polynomial functions
Unit 15 Algebra of functions
Composition of functions
Unit 16 Inverse functions
Unit 17 Real roots of quadratic function
Quadratic Formula
Complex numbers
Unit 18 Complex roots of quadratic
Unit 19 Solving higher degree polynomial equations
Unit 20 Systems of equations & inequalities

Sequences & Series $100

Unit 21 Arithmetic sequences
Sigma notation
Arithmetic series
Unit 22 Geometric sequences
Geometric series
Infinite series

Exp. & Log Functions $100

Unit 23 Laws of exponents
Zero & negative exponents
Fractional exponents
Unit 24 Exponential functions & graphs
Unit 25 Solving exponential equations
Unit 26 Applications of exponential functions
Unit 27 Inverse of exponential equations
Logarithmic form
Unit 28 Logarithmic relationships
Common logarithms
Natural logarithm
Unit 29 Solving Logarithmic equations

Trigonometry $100

Unit 30 Right triangle trigonometry
Angles & arcs as rotations
Unit 31 Unit circle
Sine, Cosine, & Tangent
Unit 32 Reciprocal trigonometric functions
Special angles
Unit 33 Radian measure
Trigonometric function values in radians
Unit 34 Pythagorean identities
Domain & Range of Trigonometric Functions
Unit 35 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Unit 36 Graphs of Sine & Cosines
Amplitude, Period, & Phase Shift
Unit 37 Graphs of Tangent, Reciprocal Functions, & Inverse Functions
Unit 38 Trigonometric Identities
Unit 39 First-degree Trigonometric Functions
Factoring & Quadratic formula with respect to Trigonometry
Unit 40 Law of Cosines
Law of Sines
Solving Triangles

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